Alex Ororbia (2014-2016)

Alex Ororbia, (2014-2016)

Assistant Professor, RIT (Fall 2018-)

PhD Student, Information Sciences & Technology


  1. Currently: Information Sciences and Technology
  2. BCSE, Bucknell University
  3. Advisor: David Reitter


Alex is a PhD student, advised under Dr. C. Lee Giles, in the Pennsylvania State University College of Information Sciences & Technology. His background is in Computer Science & Engineering (Bucknell University, 2013) with minors in Mathematics and Philosophy. Alexander's research interests include applying Artificial Intelligence techniques and models to developing useful (academic) web applications, developing and analyzing computational models of intelligence and complex systems, and combining Machine Learning and Crowd-sourcing to tackle large-scale data problems. He also enjoys lecturing on Philosophy of the Mind and engaging in discourse pertaining to computational Cognitive Science.