Jay Yonamine (2012-2013)

Jay Yonamine, (2012-2013)

Data Scientist, Google

PhD, Political Science


  1. Political Science, QuaSSI Predoctoral Fellow
  2. Advisor: Philip Schrodt


Jay completed his PhD in Political Science in 2013 and is currently a Data Scientist with RPX Corporation in San Francisco. His PhD research focused on leveraging open source, machine-coded political event data to build accurate and nuanced forecasts of various outcomes-of-interest ranging from civil war onset to equity market fluctuations. This research involves applying machine learning algorithms to geo-coded event data to build sub-state level forecasts of variation in levels of political violence. Additionally, he is using this data to add political variables to traditional time-series models of commodity and equity market pricing in order to generate financial forecasts that account for political risk.


Political Science: