Rachel Koffer (2013-2015)

Rachel Koffer, (2013-2015)

PhD Student, Human Development & Family Studies


  1. Currently: Human Development & Family Studies
  2. BA, Psychology / Economics, Brandeis University
  3. Advisors: David Almeida and Nilam Ram


Rachel is a PhD student in Human Development and Family Studies. Broadly, she is interested in the pathways through which stress exposure and reactivity affect health and well-being across the lifespan. Current projects focus on identifying the mechanisms that drive the bidirectional relations between stress and economic well-being, using longitudinal burst designs to capture these effects.

Research Rotation (2013-2014): With Nilam Ram and David Almeida, Human Development & Family Studies

Externship (Summer, 2014): German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin


Human Development & Family Studies:
PhD Candidate